Química Pumex S.A. de C.V., is a company dedicated to the production of polyols and resins (polyurethane systems), and over 30 years serving the polyurethane industry.

Since 1998 Pumex has diversified its product line and is involved in the manufacture of: Polyether polyols sucrose based, Aromatic aminic polyols (mannich), Sprayed and poured polyurethane systems


We are an organization dedicated to innovation and development of polyurethane products; we are able to compete globally, contributing to the comfort and satisfaction of our customers.

We are socially responsible with our environment and global regulations, fulfilling expectations of employees and shareholders.

En Química Pumex S.A. de C.V.,Our commitment is to ensure that all the customers’ requirements are met, give great results to shareholders and create a community work environment to get satisfaction for our staff by implementing systems that facilitate the achievements of our objectives, contin-uous improvement and professional development of our employees through integrity, order and security.

The company got ISO 9001:2008 certification since 2010. Our commitment with our clients is helping save energy in buildings by thermal insulation as well as in applications such as refrigeration and freezing.

Quality Policy

Comply with the requirements of our customers and target markets.

Fulfill commitments given to shareholders.

Create a work environment that achieves the development and satisfaction of human capital.

Maintain performance of management systems in operational work, quality, safety and technologies to ensure the integrity and business continuity.

Our values

Our ethics code consists on values that are clear and unambiguous reference for all of those who are members of this organization.